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The fact that 100k of you idiots really thought the white house was going to take your petition to deport Justin seriously lmfao


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→ Selena makes Justin act like an asshole to HIS fans because she's just a terrible person in general. - A couple of reasons to why Beliebers hate her.


If you have been a reader of my blog, one thing you should know by now that Selena Gomez is a controlling freak and will manipulate or make you do things she wants you to do. Freaky, I know. That’s just one of the many scary qualities she possesses.

Delusional Selena fans like to live in their…

Can someone explain to me why I get so much shit for being a Belieber?


I don’t knock you for liking certain shit. Why the FUCK do you find the need to criticize me on the type of music I listen to? I just don’t fucking get it.

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→ Let's break it down.


Let’s break it down.


Over in the top right hand corner we have Hayes, aka a 13 year old trapped in an 18 year olds body.


Next we have a guy modeling Taylor Caniff’s hair.


In the bottom right we have a dude who looks like he’s either worshipping Jack Johnson…

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